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Thank you from Erub Erwer Uteb

Last term, I joined the team at Erub Erwer Uteb, a campus of Tagai State College in the Torres Strait.
Several weeks ago, I asked family and friends to each send a couple of books to the school. The idea was simple. I was looking to add to and diversify the existing books in the library for students.
What I did not anticipate was that my request captured the hearts of many people.
Messages began pouring in. Parents wrote about how their children had bought a book each to send to Erub. Children chose a favourite book off their bookcase to share.
People in queues at bookstores were surprised to discover others in the line were purchasing books for the same reason.
Every message was driven by the same heartfelt desire: to make sure the children had a flood of books to read.
After the school holidays when we all returned to the campus, the whole school headed to the post office to collect the first of a wave of parcels that have poured into the campus over the past few weeks.
The students collected the parcels, carried them back and then opened them with unbridled excitement and joy. Letters were read and laughter resonated through classrooms.
During reading time, students sat as a whole school and read to each other. They chose their favourite books to take home to keep. What a remarkable effect the generosity of people from around the world has had on these children!
The students at Erub will not be the only students to benefit from the efforts of the global community.
Many books have made their way to the island that will be shared with other Tagai State College campuses across the Torres Strait.
The books will be placed in libraries, used for units of work in classrooms and most importantly, sent home with students to continue developing their love for reading.
To everyone who has contributed one book or more, thank you from all of the children at Erub Erwer Uteb.
by Judy Walker
Head of Campus
Erub Erwer Uteb