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The sky is not the limit, it is the start

Year 12 student Moesha Soki

​Year 12 student, Miss Takara Moesha Soki from Waybeni Koey Ngurpay Mudh Tagai Secondary Campus was one of the 18 female scholars who successfully applied and participated in the prestigious Flight camp program held by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

The project was a four day work experience program held at the Amberley base in Ipswich, Brisbane, which is the largest base of the RAAF. The base employs over 5000 people and according to Ms Suberia Bowie Head of Department (HOD) Senior Schooling, the purpose of the Flight camp was to give females more exposure to the roles of being an Air Force pilot and to encourage them to become pilots in the future.

“As a Senior Schooling HOD I would often receive many emails on various work experience opportunities for students. After advertising the Flight camp program to students, Takara was very keen.  We then worked on her application with the help of Ms Susie Giles, Mr Matt Tully and Mr Stuart Michael who were her referees”, Ms Bowie explained.

Miss Soki applied to the program in the first term of this year, and was very excited to hear of her acceptance to the program in May. She flew to Brisbane on 8 June with her mother, Ms Stella Soki and spent a total of six days away from Thursday Island whilst she participated in the program.
During the Flight camp program Miss Soki was able to join officers at the RAFF, participating in activities such as physical exercises, workshops about Air Force aircrafts and procedures, as well as experiencing a balloon ride with part of the program team.

Ms Mandy Johns, the Staffing Officer of Gender Programs for RAAF, was Takara’s mentor at the flight school program.  In her testimonial about Miss Soki at the flight school program stated that Takara was a joy to be around.  Ms Suberia Bowie, also added: “When preparing her application, Takara demonstrated a lot of persistence and determination.  There were numerous times I was very busy at lunch times and was not available and to reschedule our meeting. Takara did not give up and kept coming back until her application was done.”

She not only showed her perseverance on following up her application with teachers, but when interviewed for this article, she also proved to be thinking ahead and high up, quite literally. According to Ms Soki, her experience in the Flight camp program of the Royal Australian Air Force helped her to make her mind about her career path after school.

“I want to go back and I want to join the Royal Australian Air Force. I am the younger of two brothers who are unemployed at the moment. I want to be an example for them. My parents are very proud of my choices”, a determined 16 year-old student, Miss Soki concluded.

By Viviane Silva