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Malu Os - Special Education Unit

Malu Os is a Special Education Unit at Tagai State College. It is based on Thursday Island.

The Special Education teachers at Malu Os provide support to all students with a verified disability across Tagai State College. Malu Os teachers travel to all Islands in the Torres Strait to provide Special Education support to students with a disability and their class teachers.
Malu Os teachers also provide early intervention to children aged 0 - school age who have a diagnosed disability or are in the process of being assessed for a disability.

At Malu Os we work to ensure each child is working on an educational program that best suits their needs. This can be different for every child. For some children we support the class teacher to make adjustments to the regular curriculum and for other students it may mean participating in an alternative curriculum. Class teachers and Malu Os teachers work together to write a curriculum plan to ensure that all students are actively engaged in the Essentials.

Students with a verified disability have an Educational Adjustment Profile (EAP), which looks at the levels of support they need in accessing and participating the following domains:
  • Curriculum
  • Communication
  • Social participation and emotional wellbeing
  • Health and personal care
  • Safety
  • Learning environment and access

Malu Os teachers assist in providing access to other professionals as needed, eg, Speech Therapists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and other medical professionals.

Malu Os staff assist schools to implement the 5 Point Plan that provides a systematic approach to ensuring that all campuses are making adjustments to cater for learning needs of children who have a conductive hearing loss.

Our parent group, the YUMI Way Family Reference group helps to guide us in deciding what is best practice for teaching Students with Disabilities in the Torres Strait Island