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Early Years

DSC_2111.jpgThe Early Years of Tagai State College provides students enrolled in Pre-Prep through to Year 3 with a supportive learning environment in which they begin to explore and learn.

Tagai State College is committed to every student achieving the essential literacy, numeracy, oral language and health skills fundamental to their development.

To deliver on this commitment, our Early Years Curriculum is founded on the following:

  • Knowledge of early childhood development.
  • Building partnerships with students, families and communities.
  • Establishing flexible learning environments.
  • Creating engaging contexts for learning and skill development.


At Tagai State College, we prioritise the teaching of reading. We believe that the skill of being able to read underpins all other learning. Each campus’ Reading program will include modelled reading, shared reading, guided reading and independent reading. Each campus will deliver Jolly Phonics as their systematically taught phonics program. This phonics program will be embedded into all aspects of literacy enabling our students to have a robust acquisition of phonological awareness.

Tagai State College implements Language for Learning (L4L) units as a component of the English curriculum. Language for Learning units are differentiated for learners of Standard Australian English.

At Tagai State College, our mathematics program is organised around the interaction of three content strands and four proficiency strands linked to the Australian Curriculum. The content strands are Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. The proficiency strands are Understanding, Fluency, Problem Solving, and Reasoning.
We prioritise the teaching of Number within Mathematics as we believe it is important to equip our students with a solid base in Number. For the early years phase of mathematics, we encourage the use of concrete materials to investigate and consolidate mathematical understanding. 
At Tagai State College, we implement Primary Connections science units to meet the Australian Curriculum. Each year level covers a unit from Biological Science, Chemical Science, Earth and Space Science and Physical Science over the school year.