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Select one of the campuses below for more information and contact details.

  • Badu Island - Badhulgaw Ngurpay Lag

    Badu Island is one of the largest Torres Strait Islands and is partly covered with mounds of basaltic rocks and lightly vegetated open areas. The island is also fringed with extensive mangrove swamps.

  • Boigu Island - Malu Kiyay Ngurpay Lag

    Boigu Island is located approximately 4.5kms from the Papua New Guinea coastline. It is a large low lying island formed from alluvial mud deposited on decayed coral platforms by neighbouring PNG’s large river systems.

  • Coconut Island - Poruma Ngurpay Lag

    Our Campus is on the beautiful island of Poruma (Coconut), north east of Thursday Island in the central cluster of Torres Strait Islands.

  • Darnley - Erub Erwer Uteb

    Erub Island, also known as Darnley is the largest volcanic island in the eastern Torres Strait. As it is composed of mainly lava and ash, the mountainous island has rich soil which boasts good vegetation.

  • Dauan Island - Dauan Ngurpay Lag

    As the most remote and often inaccessible school in the Torres Strait, Dauan Island Campus is situated in the top western region approximately 90 nautical miles from the nearest town of Thursday Island and 7 kilometres from New Guinea

  • Horn Island - Narupay Ngurpay Mudh

    Nurupai, also known as Horn Island, is a relatively flat island spanning approximately 54km². The island is separated from Waibene (Thursday Island) by the Ellis Channel.

  • Kubin Village - Kubin Ngurpay Lag

    Kubin Community is one of two communities on Moa Island. It is located on the south side of the Island, close to the island’s only airstrip.

  • Mabuiag Island - Mabuygiw Ngurpay Lag

    The Mabuyag Island Campus of Tagai State College is situated on Mabuyag Island (pronounced Mo-bee-ag), which is about 80km north of Thursday Island and about 16 km north of Badu Island. Our Motto: “Seek Knowledge”

  • Murray Island - Mer Eruer Uteb

    Mer is located on the eastern end of the Torres Strait, within sight of the Great Barrier Reef. Mer is one of three islands which make up the “Murray Group” - the other two islands are Dauar and Waier.

  • Saibai Island - Kadhego Ngurpay Lag

    Saibai Island State School is situated on Saibai Island in the Top Western Island group in Torres Strait.

  • St Paul's Village - St Paul’s Ngurpay Lag

    Moa Island is a part of the near-western cluster of islands in the Torres Strait

  • Stephen Island - Ugar Eruer Uteb

    Stephen Island Campus is a one teacher campus where support is provided by a teacher aide and a Culture teacher.

  • Thursday Island Primary -Waybeni Buway Ngurpay Mudh

    Thursday Island Primary Campus is a P-7 school of approximately 400 enrolled students.

  • Thursday Island Secondary - Waybeni Koey Ngurpay Mudh

    Thursday Island State High School was built in 1985 on the area known as Kaiwalagal, the traditional lands of the Kaurareg Nation.

  • Warraber Island - Warraber Ngurpay Lag

    With a team dedicated to quality teaching and learning students receive the support and skills needed to prepare for further education

  • Yam Island - Iama Ngurpay Lag

    Iama is also called Turtle-backed Island. The island comprises of vegetated granite and is surrounded by clear waters which yield abundant fish.

  • Yorke Island - Masig Muysaw Ngurpay Lag

    Masig is a coral cay about 2.7kms long and 800m wide at its widest point. It is located in the west-central Torres Strait.