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Our school

Tagai State College is committed to providing education and training services to the Torres Strait Nation that are holistic and designed to respond to the academic, social, emotional and physical needs of every child.

About our College

The Torres Strait Islanders Regional Education Council (TSIREC) was formed in 1981 as an educational advocacy body, representing the aspirations of the Torres Strait Region. TSIREC has continued to connect the Torres Strait community with key government officials for almost 30 years, providing strategic advice about major Education reforms and policy development.

Education Qld assumed responsibility for education services across the Torres Strait in 1986. Between 1986 and 1991 state education services were expanded from Thursday Island to sixteen state schools and one secondary school across 15 islands.

In January 2007, the 17 state schools in the Torres Strait were amalgamated under one single college - Tagai State College.  TSIREC endorsed the new college and the 16 Torres Strait communities on the government's commitment to improve academic excellence of all students.

Since the launch in 2007, the College has responded to community demands by implementing significant changes in the delivery of education in the Torres Strait. For example, Tagai State College has:

  • extended the provision of services from Prep to Year 12 to PrePrep (3.5years) to TAFE (adulthood)
  • established an organisational structure that recognises local expertise and emphases long-term strategic planning and  support services relevant to the context
  • committed to develop a Language and Culture program which ensures "yumi ways of working" value and maintain the integrity of traditional protocols, knowledges and skills
  • developed a unique Learning Frame – a college pedagogical frame integrating the Torres Strait Yumi Education with the Australian Curriculum
  • emerged as a Centre of Excellence in Land & Sea Sciences & Torres Strait Arts, Language & Culture. 

About our Name

Tagai State College’s name is anchored on the constellation of Tagai, a symbol that unites the people of the Torres Strait. The position of Tagai across the sky instructs the world order, predicting new seasons and ensuring everything has a place.

Tagai State College, like the constellation, is a collection of individual entities that together make up the whole. With each Campus considered as equally unique and important as the stars of Tagai, together they form a College far stronger than the sum of the parts.

The Torres Strait Islander people use the stars of Tagai for navigation. Each star’s position therefore is vital to ensure a safe journey. Like the constellation, each Campus of Tagai State College is committed to our Vision and Mission Statements to ensure we achieve our objective – providing the highest levels of teaching and learning for our students.

About our Organisation

The College structure, which includes 18 community-based campuses and a number of centralised service providers, aims to provide expertise and efficiency across Torres Strait.

Campus Operations

At each campus, a Head of Campus supervises the delivery of educational services and manages the general operations. This retention of local accountable officer ensures a level of independence in program delivery to ensure that services can best represent, and respond to, the diverse communities of the College.

College Services

The centralised elements of the College were established to provide campus-based staff with the capacity to focus on their core business - effective teaching and learning – though minimisation of 'distracting factors' normally associated with small schoolst Tagai’s Executive Principal manages the strategic direction of the College, in consultation with community organisations and Education Queensland, to improve all students’ access to lifelong learning pathways, quality facilities and support services.

The Executive Team develop and lead the strategic direction of the College in relation to Curriculum, Students Services, Human Resources and Business Services – providing consistency for both short- and long-term planning.

The College structure also includes a range of centralised education and business services, including:

  • Executive Services Support
  • Student Support Services,
  • Malu Os (Special Education)
  • College ICT Support Service 
  • College Curriculum Support Team 
  • Business Service Unit.
The aim of these services is to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of support to all campuses.