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Folder: General Stationary ListsGeneral Stationary ListsGeneral Stationary Lists
Folder: Next Step SummaryNext Step SummaryNext Step Summary
Folder: Student Support ServicesStudent Support ServicesStudent Support Services
Folder: Thursday Island Secondary DocumentsThursday Island Secondary DocumentsThursday Island Secondary Documents
tagai-executive-summary_2013.pdftagai-executive-summary_2013114 KB
2014-01-24 Teacher Education Flyer.pdf2014-01-24 Teacher Education Flyer281 KB
discipline-audit-parents-and-carers-factsheet.pdfdiscipline-audit-parents-and-carers-factsheet199 KB
Badhulgaw Ngurpay Lag.mp3Badhulgaw Ngurpay Lag92 KB
Dauan Ngurpay Lag.mp3Dauan Ngurpay Lag67 KB
Erub Erwer Uteb.mp3Erub Erwer Uteb61 KB
Iama Ngurpay Lag.mp3Iama Ngurpay Lag50 KB
Kadhego Ngurpay Lag.mp3Kadhego Ngurpay Lag58 KB
Kubin Ngurpay Lag.mp3Kubin Ngurpay Lag61 KB
Mabuygiw Ngurpay Lag.mp3Mabuygiw Ngurpay Lag56 KB
Malu Kiyay Ngurpay lag.mp3Malu Kiyay Ngurpay lag59 KB
Masig Muysaw Ngurpay Lag.mp3Masig Muysaw Ngurpay Lag73 KB
Mer Eruer Uteb.mp3Mer Eruer Uteb61 KB
Narupay Ngurpay Mudh.mp3Narupay Ngurpay Mudh70 KB
Poruma Ngurpay Lag.mp3Poruma Ngurpay Lag69 KB
St Paul Ngurpay Lag.wavSt Paul Ngurpay Lag533 KB
Ugar Eruer Uteb.mp3Ugar Eruer Uteb59 KB
Warraber Ngurpay Lag.mp3Warraber Ngurpay Lag58 KB
Waybeni Buway Ngurpay Mudh.mp3Waybeni Buway Ngurpay Mudh72 KB
Waybeni Koey Ngurpay Mudh.mp3Waybeni Koey Ngurpay Mudh59 KB
2015-great-results-guarantee.pdf2015 Great Results Guarantee2015-great-results-guarantee237 KB
2016 Investing for Success (I4S) Plan.pdf2016 Investing for Success (I4S) Plan2016 Investing for Success (I4S) Plan186 KB
2018 Investing for Success (I4S) Agreement.pdf2018 Investing for Success (I4S) Agreement 2018 Investing for Success (I4S) Agreement146 KB
next-step-summary-report.pdf2018 Next step summarynext-step-summary-report231 KB
2019 Investing for Success (I4S) Agreement.pdf2019 Investing for Success (I4S) Agreement2019 Investing for Success (I4S) Agreement1554 KB
great-results-guarantee.pdfGreat results guaranteegreat-results-guarantee779 KB
Investing for Success (I4S) Plan 2017 - Tagai State College.PDFInvesting for Success (I4S) Plan 2017 - Tagai State CollegeInvesting for Success (I4S) Plan 2017 - Tagai State College141 KB
Tagai State College Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students 2016-2019.pdfResponsible Behaviour Plan for Students 2016-2019Tagai State College Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students 2016-20191357 KB
tagai-school-council-constitution.pdfTagai School Council Constitutiontagai-school-council-constitution475 KB
teaching-and-learning-5-page-audit summary.pdfTeaching and learning 5 page audit summaryteaching-and-learning-5-page-audit summary130 KB
TL_Audits_ParentFAQ.pdfTeaching and Learning Audit - Parent FAQTL_Audits_ParentFAQ265 KB
teaching-and-learning-executive-summary.pdfTeaching and learning executive summary teaching-and-learning-executive-summary282 KB